We can improve tooth shape and color with ceramics and that’s what we call white aesthetics. But is it enough? Can we leave gums without correction and smile will be nice in all cases? Is pink aesthetics so important or we just doing unnecessary uncomfortable procedures? Let’s take a look.

The patient came for aesthetic treatment. She wanted veneers. After quick examination I told her that it’s impossible to achieve good result without gum correction.

It’s obviously that we can’t make central incisors symmetric without crown lengthening. One of the most important aspects in smile aesthetics. Gum levels are all different

That’s why first of all I made electrosurgical gum correction with removing excessive bone near right central incisor.

As you see even without ceramics the result is much better. After healing I made 9 ceramic veneers

As you see white aesthetics can’t exist without pink one and achieving such impressive result is impossible without complex treatment plan: surgery and ceramics.