During last three months I had 3 different patients with repetitive problems: failed dentition caused by periodontitis, severe bone loss and accompanying diseases. Find below described solution with only 4 dental implants.

In these cases restorations by 4 implants have major advantages:

  1. Reduced time for treatment. Patients can usually receive immediate temporary teeth and after 3-6 months permanent ones.
  2. reduced risk of complications due to bone reconstruction.
  3. It’s pretty affordable for the patient.

It has some disadvantages like artificial gums and more complicated hygiene. The proposed treatment fits only certain cases and is just one of possible solutions.

First displayed case is the cheapest and simplest. We have put four implants into the sites with the best quality bone, then placed ball attachments and fixed old denture on them. One hour was needed for whole procedure.

We didn’t need to create new denture, all components are standard and therefore very affordable. Chewing is normal, retention is good and for long term stability, we need to make regularly denture rebase and change rubber plugs.

Second option is a bar-supported denture that offers full chewing experience, very stable, aesthetic and hygienic. It’s suitable for severe atrophy when lip support is necessary for facial aesthetic. It’s easy to clean and more durable. However, it’s a more technically complicated and expensive solution.

The last option is fixed, screw retained ceramic bridge that allows life without removable denture. It can be done very aesthetically and so comfortably for the patient, that he forgets he has artificial teeth. Nevertheless, it requires thorough everyday hygiene with irrigator and super floss as well as maintenance every year with cleaning and screw changing.

Long and tilted implants must be used as well as surgical guide to reach the wished result. Such restorations are really top of technical progress in dentistry and they require high experience and skills of dental technician and modern equipment.

Nowadays dentistry offers wide variety of solutions for patients and everybody can find suitable one that will fulfill their expectations. See