Every week I meet with tooth fractures after root canal treatment. Here are some cases of mine:

These teeth couldn’t be saved. I had to perform an extraction on them

Such cases forced me to understand very important things.

  1. Almost every non-vital tooth must be covered by ceramics.
  2. We have to preserve as much as possible of healthy dentin during root canal treatment

Choosing proper treatment depends on many things: amount  of decay, anatomy of the root, what filling material and technique to use to properly obturate the roots, expectations and financial possibilities of pacients ect. I would like to show You how I managed some of the cases I had recently:

Zirconia crown on metal core post

E.max crown without any post

Porcelain fused metal crown on glass fiber post


The point of success in such cases is to extend the life of a tooth to the highest rate we could possibly imagine. After endodontic treatment thats the main purpose, our aim for us dentists that we should focus on. People must be confident that their restorations and teeth which we were healing won’t fail or break. By proper treatment techniques we can achieve also a good esthetic result and I’m sure that patient would be grateful for it.