I always dreamed to do ceramics. When patient’s smile changes dramatically I’m inspired. That’s why I venue my time and effort to learn and understand aesthetics and functioning of human body. I thought that I will work with a team of specialists who will perform other parts of treatment: surgery, endodontics, orthodontics.

For pity  I couldn’t find a dentist, who will do root canal treatment for my patients. So I started to do it by myself.

Ther is no reason to do any restoration on tooth that will become painful after couple of months. So I had to learn to perform a good endo.

The patient came to our clinic with tooth pain. The tooth was treated 14 years ago. It doesn’t matter cause bacterias can be patient.

Apical periodontitis because of poor root canal treatment.

Since I’ve started to work with dental microscope my treatment control significantly increased. Control means confidence. Confidence means succsess.

After isolation and removing old filling and all caries. Laziness to do this is unforgivable mistake and first step to failure.

Control after removing old filling matherial. One of canals is still blocked. I always make x-rays after every important step. Better safe than sorry.

Obtaining pus is good for me. We’re removing reason of pain. Enought for today. Temporary filling and antibiotics.

At the next appointment I passed the blocked palatal canal and extended other 3 for good desinfection. By the way to find the missed 4th canal without imagination is very problematic.

Final control before filling. The last chance to change something.

No pain, no swelling, good radiogram. Yes, it’s still 10% of failures even after good treatment. Unfortunately patient is leaving Slovakia and I can’t control the result. I hope that everyting will be OK. Optimism is so important in medicine.