«Smile, it’s the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart»

Can we imagine easier and more effective way  to gather somebody’s interest than a sincere smile? Can people live a social life without smiling each other and not feel disabled?

Maybe when your girlfriend doesn’t smile to you she still loves you. Maybe she shames her teeth

Such case I met in my clinic. Beautiful young woman that didn’t have smiling photos at all. She used to hide her teeth

By speaking all the jokes I I could get her smiling photo


Composite fillings on frontal teeth were in unacceptable conditions. Teeth proportions were alterated and didn’t fit with lower lip


Gums also were unhealthy. Upper right second incisor was discolorated cause of root canal treatment.

Bad smile

After removing old fillings I had to make pretty severe crown preparations cause of secondary caries. In non-vital tooth I placed core post.


I couldn’t let her go with such teeth. So I made resin crowns instantly in same appointment


Temporaries are the key of success in aesthetic dentistry. It’s not only protection against tooth pain and gum inflammation but also a powerful instrument for aesthetic control.

Much better. Even resin teeth


As I said there are crowns, not veneers. But they are from the same material with same great look and nice fit to the tooth.


After 2 weeks. Perfect aesthetics. No gum inflammation. Every vital tooth still vital.

I hope now her album will be full of smiling photos.