Who likes to visit a dentist? Although some doctors love themselves, I think that nobody. Even their brotherhoods.

Recently I’ve been in dental office. It was a stress for me even if I had to change a filling. Visiograph sensor with doctor’s finges unpleasantly pressed my palate then I survived two injections of anaesthesia. But even that didn’t helped me from the overstretched mouth feeling. I don’t say about rubberdam, when you must swallow with opened mouth as breast-fed infant.

Old filling served me more than 5 years. I hope that new one will also same time. Althought tooth was with vital pulp and not decayed severely I seriosly thought about making some more permanent

I can’t imagine make it often. But I know a patients who permanently go to the dentist to fix something and they situation with gums and teeth become worderfully worse.

In childhood patient had exctracted lateral incisor by mistake(?!). And during 15 years he permanently doing adhesive bridge means composite tooth fixed to neighbours. It cracks each 0.5-1 year.


You can estimate the condition of canine on the foto with simmetrical. Central incisor also “tired”. For pity I can’t put an implant without sever and unproghnosical orthodontic and surgical treatment due to roots convergation.


I decided to go a little unstandart way that I prefer in case of adentia of lateral incisor. To make a crowns with only one supporting canine. Scientific explanation and reability of this method you can read in this research(Rus). Advances: hygienic, less invasive, cheaper, less work with central.IMG_1828

Canine was prepared enough conservative but not too much for enought thickness and strenght. Please pay attention that it was drilled before “composite therapy” and had decay. Central was restored by composite.


I can’t say that it is forever. Even the most precisionally treatment can serve more than 10-15 years. He has a desire to change his smile radically. Now he has a time to think about that.