What matherial is better for restoration?

Adepts of veneers say that ceramics lives longer. Yes. But you have to drill tooth at least 0,3-1,5 mm and no matter big defect, small or intact tooth.

Adepts of composite restorations say that it’s less invasive, faster and cheaper. Yes. But big restorations chip and become “old” faster.

I don’t restrict myself with one method. If I need a big restoration I make veneer. If it’s small defect I can do composite filling.

You see big old restorations on central incisors and small one on lateral.


I’ve performed two veneers on central incisors and created normal height. Also I changed old composite on lateral and made them wider by direct restoration.

VKI_3420 (2)

Ceramics and composite can be same aesthetic and long-living. If you follow indications.