Planning is the key

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

― Benjamin Franklin

This quote is essential in dentistry. Especially in total rehabilitation. When we deal with one tooth we perform diagnostics mostly concerning one tooth: X-rays, vital check, probing etc. When we perform whole mouth reconstruction we have to find a complete solution for the case. That means we have to make diagnostics for every single tooth but also a functional and aesthetic analysis, occlusion check, temporomandibular joint, alveolar bone and estimations of the patient to make the proper long-term treatment.

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Healing endodontics

I always dreamed to do ceramics. When patient’s smile changes dramatically I’m inspired. That’s why I venue my time and effort to learn and understand aesthetics and functioning of human body. I thought that I will work with a team of specialists who will perform other parts of treatment: surgery, endodontics, orthodontics.

For pity  I couldn’t find a dentist, who will do root canal treatment for my patients. So I started to do it by myself.

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Chronical patients

Who likes to visit a dentist? Although some doctors love themselves, I think that nobody. Even their brotherhoods.

Recently I’ve been in dental office. It was a stress for me even if I had to change a filling. Visiograph sensor with doctor’s finges unpleasantly pressed my palate then I survived two injections of anaesthesia. But even that didn’t helped me from the overstretched mouth feeling. I don’t say about rubberdam, when you must swallow with opened mouth as breast-fed infant.

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Composite and ceramics

What matherial is better for restoration?

Adepts of veneers say that ceramics lives longer. Yes. But you have to drill tooth at least 0,3-1,5 mm and no matter big defect, small or intact tooth.

Adepts of composite restorations say that it’s less invasive, faster and cheaper. Yes. But big restorations chip and become “old” faster.

I don’t restrict myself with one method. If I need a big restoration I make veneer. If it’s small defect I can do composite filling.

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